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We are in pre-production on a Jacques Tati-style tragicomedy entitled ‘Ma Chenille’ (My Caterpillar), based on the story of an unlikely friendship between a lonely novelist and a caterpillar he finds in his salad.


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We have a number of TV programmes in development, including documentary and specialist factual projects, as well as a brand new factual entertainment series scheduled for filming in the last quarter of 2016.


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We are currently developing a BBC Radio 4 style comedy panel show featuring four exciting new talents freshly plucked from their day jobs. A pilot episode is scheduled for recording soon.

Short Form & Commercials

Poodles, noodles, Nisa, nicer…

Our aerial film division was commissioned to produce the opening and closing shots of Nisa's 40 second TV commercial.
With a brief to reveal rows of houses in the early morning as a local community wakes up, we managed to find the perfect location…and, despite being in North Wales, some perfect weather to go with it!

Aerial Film & Photography

We hold the BNUC-S pilot’s qualification from EuroUSC and are licensed by the CAA to operate drones commercially.
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Come fly with us…

Compared to fast moving subjects like speedboats (see main showreel above), filming buildings from the air is relatively simple, as they don’t move!
This short aerial film for a prestige hotel in the southeast of England raised additional challenges as it sits on a hilltop 400ft above sea level, so the opening and closing shots were filmed from an altitude of just under 800ft – the highest we’ve ever flown.


Shorts & Corporates

We also produce short films and corporates for online spaces, so do get in touch if you have a brand, product, service, or anything else you need to shout about.
This short documentary film (our second for Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford) follows the work of Japanese master craftsmen Muneaki Shimode and Takahiko Sato, as they demonstrate the ancient art of kintsugi.
(No superglue allowed.)

Press & Outreach

Stronholt’s co-founder and commercial drone pilot, Mya Padget, joins a panel of experts on the BBC World Service programme, Click, to discuss the future of drones.
And at the BBC Academy, Mya talks with host Charles Miller and BBC Series Producer Graham Cooper about the use of aerial footage in TV productions.
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There’s always resistance and fear to new technology…
If you think of Stephenson’s Rocket back in the 1820s, people thought if it went more than 30 miles per hour the human body would somehow combust.

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Training & Consultancy

In consultation with ARPAS (Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), we assist emergency services, local authorities and industry to develop county-wide policies and protocols for the safe and effective use of drones, which can be adapted and updated to ensure compliance with the constantly evolving legislation.
Please get in touch if your organisation requires expert, impartial advice.

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